You are water.

You can sit and stagnate, or you can flow, you can bubble, you can roar !

There may be a time in a woman's life when she wakes up one day and she has no purpose. She looks back on her past and sees a clear picture.

She looks to the future, and she can't see anything. All she knows is that she doesn't want to feel the way she feels anymore.

I help women form healthy, life-changing, daily habits so they can start to experience peace and joy in the present and move towards an

incredible future.

Congratulations on taking the first step to inspire yourself !

Fiona Hanson

Growth Coach

It's time for a change.

 Your energy comes from within; you just have to move you!

You create the life you want and deserve.

How did you get to this?

Do you ever find yourself:

  • feeling negative
  • procrastinate constantly
  • fire up with anger/ frustration or even cry when it's all too much
  • running late and on empty tank
  • overthinking and analysing things
  • have fear of the future
  • Need to control every minor detail of life

There are many challenges and hurdles in life, BUT there is one constant .....

Now is the time to take charge of you and your life !

  • Stop running on emotions and get back into your heart
  • Help ease stress and anxiety in your life
  • Create calm in your thoughts
  • Stop blaming others for your valuable life lessons
  • Face your fears head on with courage
  • Understand how self sabotage is destroying what you can achieve
  • Build your self worth and esteem.
  • Own your self doubt by focusing on growth on your life's journey

I'm so pleased you too the time to digest this and now I can help you with being the BEST version of YOU!

Change Your Life Into Awesomeness !

Sometimes the toughest thing to do is take the first little step to change your life. Inspire yourself to grow, through vulnerability and authenticity.

How would your life 'feel' if you moved through life with flow,

ease and grace?

The hurdles that came up would be worked through with clarity as you raise your self esteem and conquer your fears.

Your sabotaging traits are a thing of the past and every time you jump out of bed you have a smile on your face, a happy vibe and are loving life fully!

This can be YOU!

You will discover by working with me, inner peace, focus and you will evolve as you learn new skills to help you through your journey.

You step into courage and inspire yourself constantly.

Through my programs, coaching and/or groups you will learn the skills to be able to manage yourself; with me as your Growth Coach, supporting and backing you all the way.

Inner Peace

Find your strength through building resilience and introducing calm into your life.


Build your self worth and esteem with overcoming your limiting beliefs and working on you.


Use your failures as the lessons of life to remove blame and evaluate your life to grow and evolve.


Face your fears through one step at a time and build your raw, uniqueness as your authentic self.


Understand your self sabotage with inspired steps that will keep you focused and committed, to your intentions.

And how would you like to.....?

🤍 Impact your own development in mind, body and soul

🤍 Have more time and energy to enjoy your life

🤍 Give back to yourself, filling up your own cup

without feeling guilty

🤍 Extend your love to your tribe and share the experience without them even knowing

Take back control and


through my personalised coaching, programs, workshops or retreats.


Schedule a FREE 15 min

Discovery Call.

I will guide you on what you need

to get you started on your own personalised journey.


What investment, your time and budget do you want make to yourself???

How much do you want to change from your current state? You can improve and grow into your inspired, new life.


Lets me inspire you and we will do this together.

Through one on one coaching, a short program, the amazing Finspiration Community or my flagship Mindset Training for Life program.

'This is Me'

Fiona Hanson

Your Growth Coach & Founder

of Renew Yourself Mindset

This is me, in my 50's; Founder of Renew Yourself Mindset; based in Townsville, Far North Queensland. I have an adult daughter who lives in New South Wales and I'm originally from Brisbane.

I have a passion for health and well-being.

I use a combination of science based modalities (NLP & psychology focuses), Life Coaching skills and many years of experience in health/well-being industry and my own, challenging life lessons to guide my clients into reprogramming the way they view themselves and their mindset.

Many of my clients start with me, being unaware of their self sabotage and negative self talk. I work on guiding clients to reprogram their thoughts, establish healthy patterns to settle their nervous system, lead from their heart (and not their head), discover a sense of calm, purpose and clarity on the direction and 'feel' of their life.

I walk my talk and love sharing my own journey as inspiration. You can read all about it here.

Still wondering whether this is for you?

Book your FREE 15 Min Discovery Chat NOW !

Clients Say ...

Each tribe member comes with a different journey, a different story, different circumstances and WANTS to make a change. They have tried to push through their discomfort and challenges until it gets too much.

I am incredibly grateful to all my amazing tribe/clients as they share their vulnerability with me and allow me to guide them on their journey of self discovery. They make massive changes in their mindset and how they work through life lessons, growing and shining brighter than ever.

Blessed to share a part of their journey with them. And here is what they have to say. Fiona, Growth Coach🤍

What happens when I book a

FREE 15 Min Discovery Call ?

When you book a 15 min Discovery Call with me, we have a:

  • No Obligation Chat - you are not required to commit to anything
  • Non Invasive - you only tell me what you are comfortable and want to discuss
  • This is a FUN conversation, it should not be stressful

Let's just connect as two amazing human beings !

The BEST thing that could happen out of our connection with the FREE Discovery Call?

  • What about waking up and feeling EMPOWERED to start working on yourself everyday with ease and grace
  • Feeling FREE of stress and tension
  • LEAVE all your self doubts behind and face your fears
  • LOVE yourself for who you are and be your raw and authentic self
  • Own your energy and increase your opportunities to go after an AMAZING LIFE that feels great

And what is the worst that could happen?

We have a great chat about anything and everything. You get an opportunity for someone to listen with no judgement and an open heart. My gift to you for being a super human being. If you don't believe me, and you are still a bit scared (totally understandable), jump into the Finspiration Community and watch me for FREE every Monday night at 7.30pm.


Now is the time to change your life!

Programs, Coaching & Retreats

You might be wondering what this self development is all about? Whether you're an individual, business owner or in a leadership role personal development shows you how to get into flow and maximise your full potential. Most people have no idea how much they can achieve when they start to work internally on themselves. Small steps as you learn something new and make inspiring changes in your life.

As an individual or business leader you will step outside your comfort zone, face your fears, identify your self sabotaging, overcome your limiting beliefs and change your thought process and energy as you grow into your true authentic self. This will be done while I guide you with specific programs that suit you and we work through any sub conscious behaviours holding you back.

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or starting out in your business; discover your advantage by setting a clear vision for you and your business. Implement self improvement strategies focused around your mindset. Change the course of your journey by overcoming your failures and breaking through your limiting beliefs; while increasing your focus around your passion and purpose as a business owner. You will start to see improvements that impact your business and growth.

Maybe you are not ready YET, or we don't connect.

Fiona Hanson

Growth Coach

It is OK if you are not ready YET, or we simply just don't connect to each other.

Sometimes you are too scared to dip your toes in the water. That's ok, it is a lot to take in. Most clients start out this way. I will hold your hand to get started on your journey, giving you someone to lean on and very quickly you will start to soar. All you need to do is have an open mind.

Take a look over my facebook page, read a blog, testimonials, jump into the Monday night free "Finspiration Community" sessions or Book a 15 min Discovery Call. There are endless ways to connect without having to shed any money to learn for yourself.

If we don't connect that's ok. It's was great sharing my time with another amazing human being.

Questions ?

What does a Growth Coach help you with?

Most people source a "Coach" as they are running on a program in their life that they are not happy with (and mostly have been this way for years).

As your coach, I support each client to:

- Take stock of their life and get back in touch with who they really

are or want to be (instead of being what people want you to be)

- Guide you to set your values and intentions for your future

- Overcome any limiting beliefs including; self doubt, fear,

confidence, running on adrenaline and emotions

- Work through any trauma that is stopping you from being brave

- Provide the skills and tools to be able to rewire your brain to a

new you

- And, train your internal dialogue with yourself for success

All you need to do is take the first step!

I have never been coached?

Think of yourself as an athlete getting reading for a big met. You have a coach that helps you with your technique and maximise your potential. A Growth Coach does similar. I identify what is stopping you from having an amazing life, I give you the tools to use to work through these changes and I encourage you to keep taking encouraging steps.

There is no judgement, just a Growth Coach who has your back when you get a bit wobbly and keeps you focused on where you are going.

Is this what I need?

Most people come to a Growth Coach searching for answers. The answers are actually within you and I support, help facilitate the change required within peoples lives and businesses.

Working with each client individually to pinpoint the outcomes and results, which is normally something like "I want to feel happy, free from stress and anxiety, start looking after myself and overcome my issues". Does this sound familiar?

Everyone has something to gain and grow from; by becoming a student of 'life'.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Each client is treated as an individual and coaching is tailored to suit each clients needs. There are many options available through various programs up to one to one coaching.

The best way to get started is jump in the 'Finspiration Community' Monday night sessions. It's all free, just join up to receive the notifications and you can even watch each session on replay.

Be assured, I get results (just read my testimonials) and I will work with you on a program and budget to ensure outcomes are there - you just need to take the first step and do the inner work!

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There may be a time in a woman's life when she wakes up one day and she has no purpose. She looks back on her past and sees a clear picture. She looks to the future, and she can't see anything. All she knows is that she doesn't want to feel the way she feels anymore. I help women form healthy, life-changing, daily habits so they can start to experience peace and joy in the present and move towards an incredible future.

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