What my tribe- clients have

to say.....

It's a privIlege to work with the most amazing people and businesses. They are my brave and fearless tribe/clients who put their faith in me to guide them through challenges, bear their souls and unblock their old stories.

Through their trust in me and with guidance and support; I encourage all my clients/tribe to continually step outside their comfort zone, change their mindset and self language, stop the self sabotage and guide them to improve themselves - most often beyond their beliefs.

It just takes one small step to start with.

I thank each and every client and am so very grateful to be part of their journeys ~Fiona. 🤍

What my amazing tribe - clients have to say...

I’m currently undergoing the Renew Yourself - Mindset Training for Life program.

It’s my second time around doing the course, so if you apply yourself and work through the units you can really see a difference in how you respond to everyday life, especially when ‘life gives you lemons’.🍋🍋🍋

For me this time-around, I’m focusing more on grounding myself and bringing my mindset back to a positive one when I stray to far to into the “what if’s". I’ve been working on my fitness and spirituality alongside the program, so it works hand in hand for me (mind, body and soul).

It’s really awesome to see a professional out there offering services to clients on all levels. Thanks for reading.


Production Scientist

Words from Fiona ...

Always a privilege and with gratitude that clients take the time to write reviews.

Beautiful Isobel just goes from strength to strength after undertaking an initial course and coaching with me. Then COVID hit and this lady did not stop there, pulling on the skills she learnt and topping up with online coaching session during lockdowns and then post COVID - getting a job and moving into her own apartment.

So incredibly proud of the hard work she has done by stepping outside her comfort zone, facing her fears and writing a new story and amazing life for herself.

Thanks Isobel - can't wait to see your incredibly bright future.

More beautiful tribe members results ...

How has my life changed since commencing mind and life coaching? Lets start at the beginning...

I was both mentally and physically in a bad way: illness, excessive work hours, family and work stressors and unhealthy habits saw me gain 30 kgs over a period of 4 + years and have a TIA (mini stroke) last year. I was sad, depressed and not enjoying my life. My wake up call was the TIA !

I first met Fiona last year; this beautiful soul welcomed me and we chatted about her business - life coaching. My interest was peaked and I made an appointment to discuss coaching. To say I have never looked back is an understatement. I have put myself first for the first time in my life.

Thanks to Fi, I have a different way of looking at my life and those friends, family and work colleagues that are in it. Patience is my lesson to learn and I have learnt to ‘park problems and people.’

I still smile at one session when I was saying I was having problems at work with a staff member, that I was frustrated and annoyed at this person and also with myself as nothing I tried seemed to work. Fi very sagely looked at me and said...’have you considered that that person annoys you because they are reflecting a quality that you have’? Talk about light bulb moment!

I have learnt to embrace my own space and peace; spending time each day being thankful for those that compliment my life and being able to ‘park’ those that don't serve me at this point in time.

I have learnt to create healthy boundary's, especially with family and work. At work, I get colleagues saying you’re different,...and I openly tell them that I have a 'life coach'. I've not had a negative response, more just WOW ... ‘I can see the calmness and contentment radiating from you’.

I also firmly believe what you put out to the universe comes back. And in spades ... I have struggled with my weight all my life, every diet and weight loss fad known to man has seen me seesaw and this year saw me at my heaviest ever.

I had broached the subject of weight loss surgery with my GP who did not agree. I had followed this GP from practice to practice and when I found out he had moved again I thought no more I’m staying at this practice. Devine intervention saw me see at lovely female GP, I was on the hunt for weight loss solutions. I told her that I considered weight loss surgery but the previous GP said no, she said rubbish, its a valid option.

Talk about a roller coaster, referral and phone appointment with the surgeon early December saw me access super for surgery and have then surgery January this year.

Fiona has supported me through this whirlwind, offering guidance and support during this period. I went into this as prepared and educated as I could be. Set yourself to succeed!

As you can see I have a lot going on and without the guidance and honesty from Fiona I would not be where I am today. Don't get me wrong its still a work in progress ... small gains each day.

If you are thinking about life and growth coaching ...DO IT!

Invest in yourself, you will never regret it...but be prepared to challenge yourself.

Fiona will give you the tools but its you that has to be prepared to work - but so well worth it.

Happiness always, Liz.


Registered Nurse


Natasha is an amazing mum of 4. Rocketed by the passing of her bub at 9 months old. Natasha is raw and authentic and put all her cards on the table when discussing her anxiety and stress from Christmas to the New Year period. All leading up to the anniversary of her sons passing.

Through all Natasha's coaching she was focused on improving her relationship with herself, managing her emotions and supporting her family. One incredible inspiring client! Here is our chat after a coaching session.

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"When we start taking action, even through baby steps, we realise how resourceful we actually are.

Those baby steps can end up moving mountains."

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