Some people accelerate with laser focus, energy and high frequency; centring themselves and their vision, heart, mind and spirit in the direction they want to flow.

While others accelerate out of sheer fear, hoping to race out of the messy and into some type of organised chaos.

When we work from the latter we are coming from emotions, running on our thoughts and the what if's. Often it's experience that has lead us to this place. Experiences of life not being as kind as it could be too us, but have you thought to look at the reasons why?

When we run with fear, we tend to activate in the 'fight or flight' mode, running our adrenal system high, stressing our internal organs and mind out constantly and when things get a little too much we tend to crack. Does that sound familiar.

Regardless of what we have been through or where we have come from if we flip around our thoughts and work from a pattern of the heart we can eliminate a lot of our internal stress by just being in the present.

If you flip a coin, you will see a different image on the other side. If you flip a scenario in your life and lead from your heart you will again see a different scenario. Even when tragedy or something massive happens, flip the coin and see the other side of it.

What lesson in life is this situation teaching me? Why am I fearful of the unknown - is it that I am assuming the scenario will work out how the past has .... (and if you are thinking that way it will - it's called the law of attraction) or look at the value of lessons and what you will gain out of it.

Even in the worst circumstances you can view your life as a lesson/learning or the other which is running with fear and away from whatever you mind feels it doesn't want to work through.

Discover how you can turn your worst fear into your best asset, by working with the power of your mind, lead by your heart.

Stay Strong ~ Fiona

Life Performance Coach

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"Inspire people & business to evolve and maximise their potential with tailored coaching plans."

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