Curating your mindset

I could start off with all the technical stuff with how a healthy mindset helps decrease stress, reduce your frustration with the world and makes you feel generally a lot happier but let's get to the nuts and bolts of it all .....

How do we actually work on our mindset?

  • It's the simple things like; while waiting in traffic doing heart breathing and being present (instead of getting frustrated)
  • Drinking your cup of coffee or tea with purpose and allowing enough time in your day to enjoy it (instead of filling a travel cup and running out the door late to work)
  • Watch and listening - when we do mindfulness acts like meditation, we are not trying to stop our thoughts, we are simply giving our mind time to be at ease and be present. When I regular meditate my hearing is amplified. I hear the birds chirping, see the amazing clouds in the sky and even notice the little things, like flower buds on trees.

When we start to incorporate these little changes in our lifestyle and how we do life, we begin to work from our heart and get out of our head.

And sometimes we just need to stop, rest and give ourselves a huge pat on the back for shining as bright as we can during these challenging times.

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Much Love, Strength and don't forget to always

'dream out loud'

Growth Life Coach ~ Fiona 🖤

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