Go with flow.

When life is great, we feel good. When life is not so great, we normally start to run on our emotions and that's where our world starts to spiral.

I used to be like this but now I talk often about 'feel' and 'flow'. This is what I have learnt in my life, but also how well it works when I work with my tribe (my clients).

On the weekend, instead of ticking the box with my job list as I often do (I do have a little OCD when required to get things done, aka used to be an over achiever) .... I decided to open up my weekend for fun, flow and feel.

See as most of you know through my blogs, I love outrigger paddling. I love getting out in the ocean, connecting with nature, but also the sport of outrigging because it's a little kinder on my broken body. I'm a marathon junkie, the longer the better.

On Saturday at training my paddle buddy and I decided to catchup and we choose a steady 20km paddle to the beautiful Bay Rock off Townsville where all the seagulls nest. There is nothing on this island but a rock formation. No sand as such, the little bit that was exposed was just enough to put three canoes on so I could go in for a quick dip (just outside of stinger season up here).

The water as you can see in the pic was crystal clear. As I sat in the ocean soaking up nature, I thanked the universe for the 'flow'. How lucky was I to use my body to get me there. Look at the amazing colour of the sky/ocean and to be able to paddle to a part of this beautiful country that is only available to motorised craft and a few paddlers that brave the distance.

That 'feel' I get when I'm in my zone, chilling in my happy place and enjoying what I love. I ask all my tribe to go after what makes them 'happy' - not what they think they should do. Happy comes from the heart; thinking too hard causes a lot of angst and can derail you.

Happiness is all about flow, gratitude and going after what you want - even if it takes a lifetime. Both in your work and your personal life you can have passion, vision and flow.

So next time you get that feel, that you need a little 'flow' reassess what makes you happy.

It took me nearly 30 adulting years to get that feel constantly. If you want encouragement to work on YOU, Book your FREE 15 Min Discovery Call here

Much Love, Strength and don't forget to always

'dream out loud'

Growth Life Coach ~ Fiona 🖤

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