I'm a little different ....

There comes a time where we just want and can sit in our own space, our own authenticity and do me/you (as I call it). I'm growing more and more into this as I mature. And it's taken nearly 30 years of adulting to get there.

I love that this smile 'the pic' shows me having fun in ... you guessed it Kmart! I'm not a shopping girl anymore; but there is something really great about spending quality time with a fantastic friend and just having 'fun'; filling up my tank to live life fully again.

My passion and purpose is to 'inspire people to be authentic and follow their dreams' and that's why I share all these pics of myself and what I do.

This week, I've been chatting with some of my amazing clients about how to just keep it simple and get out of your emotional mind.

It is hard when you've been working/functioning the same way for many years and you know you want to change. So what I did when I started on my discovery journey was set myself tiny, little goals (just like you do at work or business), to get myself to where I am now. These included personal development activities such as mindfulness, changing my mindset and viewing the failures or challenges as valuable lessons in life.

Each month I looked at what I had done, where I could improve and how to make myself more efficient and really enjoy the journey I'm on - without expectation and less emotional energy. My world is not without the usual challenges we all face - mortgages, bills, car repairs etc. However, what I have learnt and really worked hard at is understanding how I tick and what makes me happy.

I did not find the solution quickly. It's taken me about 5 years to really harness living authentically and doing 'me' !

Why am I sharing this with you? ; Because it doesn't matter whether you want to run a business, go travel the world, take up a new hobby or work on your mindset. We are all unique, different and incredibly special human beings.

We should embrace our authenticity and points of difference and love ourselves fully for just that ! (No less or no more).

Are you ready to take the challenge and live the "real you"?

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Much Love, Strength and don't forget to always

'dream out loud'

Growth Life Coach ~ Fiona 🖤

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