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When you go through the rollercoasters of life, like most of us do, when we reach our middle adult age of life; we tend to just want to look forward rather than rehashing the past.

However, there is always a reason to look at the past or back. Like I did while I completed a 32km, 4 day overnight hike on the beautiful Hinchinbrook Island recently.

Life teaches us a lot if we change our mindset around how to view our past. I for one have made a lot of mistakes in my journey - I view them as valuable lessons on my journey of life and as I write this blog, I laugh at this picture.

This is day one only about 4-5km into the hike. Backpacks on and we just walked across a long beach and although the picture doesn't do it justice, we rock climbed (I felt I was channelling somewhere between a rock wallaby, mountain goat and monkey) across the headland and this was me looking back after we made it to start climbing off the beach and back on the land.

When I was looking back, I was chuckling to myself how I found the first part of this hike challenging, and I knew the rest would follow suit. Amazed how my 51 young body keeps giving to me like I'm a 30yo!. I was in awe of the landscape and couldn't wait to get out of the blazing sun. Impressed with my initial couple of kilometres of hiking I proceeded on.

Lessons of growth were coming out of this hike, I reflected on this image as I knew exactly what I was thinking ..... "this hike is going to test me" but I'm up for the challenge.

I thanked the universe how far I had come over the past couple of years of my own journey, through a marriage breakdown, covid and being self employed.

As I turned to start hiking I remember thinking, whatever and however I get through this hike, I will learn on the way, enjoy the journey, laugh at my lessons and keep my mindset focused on each day's challenge and completing the hike.

I'm 2 weeks post hike and YES, I would do it again, maybe even longer and with a hiking seat so I can rest my weary legs that were still hurting by day 4.

I encourage everyone to use their journey of looking back as a way to reinforce your focus for the future. What lessons you have learnt and how you will change your landscape for the future.

Much Love, Strength and don't forget to always

'dream out loud'

~ Fiona 🖤

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