Oh my sore back ....

Here we go, the ‘resilience’ card is being thrown at me.!!!  On Saturday, I started a beautiful outrigger camp in far north Queensland.  It was a little rough and tumble, but totally fun; the way I like it.

We were flying the ama (literally practicing how to ride a swell without the ama on a wave. That's the thing on the side of the canoe that keeps us from flipping!).  We had done it as a crew a few times and then opps over we go. Nothing really wrong with that. Right the canoe jump back in, start bailing and paddle back to shore.  It was the stuff we train for.  Then as we started to lift a ¼ full canoe of water, it came rushing down to my end of the canoe and bang there goes my back muscle.  There was a few curse words under my breath and then I knew I had to shift into, what I going to do to save my back.

Unfortunately, in agony I paddled back with the crew from an island to the mainland, literally the only way I could get back. I then decided to look after myself and pull myself out of the camp. 1.5 days of rest while listening to everyone have fun......a little inside grrr. Self care also kicks in when I quietened my ego that would have previously taken me back on the water.

Once home, here is where I kick in....manage my discomfort - that's the easy part. Reframe everything from 'oh I can't do that' to 'what can I do to get myself back on the water as quick as possible'. Your mind is so powerful. I've eaten well today, lots of anti inflammatory foods, I've taped myself (the joys of also being a remedial massage therapist as well), I have planned out more content and put a spin on everything I cannot do to what can I do instead. Then I've also made sure I move my body, so instead of weights it's gentle pilates to untwine my back from the debacle I put myself into.

I could have easily sat and felt sorry for myself (that lasted about 2 min) - so now I'm full of energy and excitement that I got a heap of admin done, life and my back are looking up again and I can be on the water paddling for fitness and fun very soon.

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Much Love, Strength and don't forget to always

'dream out loud'

Growth Life Coach ~ Fiona 🖤

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