Ready, FIRE, Aim !

I was lying on the grass near the beach, where I paddle. It was Sunday lunchtime, I had just enjoyed a little time out watching the world go by, with a nice fish and chips for lunch. Seeing everyone enjoying themselves on a Sunday, then my mind started to chimed back in to why I was there ?

Oh crap, that's right, I'm doing an afternoon single canoe paddle in a swirly, after that will mean, I will be pushing myself outside my comfort zone totally and needing to back myself fully.

As I sat there and assessed my plan of attack and the thoughts were coming thick and fast about how slow I was going to be, most likely flip my canoe a few times, then having to always be at the back of the pack and feeling like I was holding everyone else up (who had way more experience than I did).

When I get into this frame for myself, I always step outside my mind and ask myself, what would I say to my clients? It was instinct 'Ready, FIRE, Aim' !

Instead of second guessing myself and putting doubt into my own my, just get out there give it a go and then reassess and learn to set your 'aim' differently on your next experience. This is where growth really occurs.

After a lot of, my goodness thoughts of how bumpy it was, nearly flipping my canoe a few times. I made it to a run approx 6 km out (felt like 20km) and then got to run the bumps back in.

Learning is always Ready, FIRE, Aim!

Much Love, Strength and don't forget to always

'dream out loud'

Coach ~ Fiona 🖤

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