Self Care

How do we self care?

Self care means different things to different people. For me, it's about filling up my mind, body and spirt tanks when they are getting depleted. If I've had a lot of brain energy dispersed on preparing for a retreat or a course, or undertaken some additional self education; I ensure I spend time resting my brain from learning. If I've exercised my body a lot one week and feel it's tired, I'll have a bath, eat well and ensure that I get plenty of rest and recovery. That includes regular massages, foot soaks, getting my greys covered every now and then and I also ensure I make time for little treats regularly like a facial or eyebrow wax. The self care, that girls all know about!

To keep my spirit high, I practice everything I teach, mindfulness, meditation, lifting my internal energy and vibration higher and also ensuring that if I come in contact with negative people, I absolutely do not linger too long in this environment. I choose to only socialise with people who encouraging and positive and stretch me outside my comfort zone.

This all contributes to my own self care.

Your self care routine needs to be personalised and adapted. When I'm time poor in life, I harness everything but shorten the stints in each self love routine. However, I also ensure when I'm busy that I carve out a whole day, just for me. A day where I can do whatever I choose to do.

We all need to be able to focus on putting ourselves first and then the rest of our world next. Without this we are often on a path to self destruction, resentment and running on our emotions. Top up our own tank first and shine bright and support us in being in a great place with the universe and our conscious thoughts.

Stay Strong ~ Fiona

Life Performance Coach

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