The ocean teaches me .....

Here I am, the last race of the season and the most nervous I've been throughout the whole year. It's the first time I've raced in 'Poppy' - that's me and my red canoe in the pic. The canoe a 'she' was named after my father (who has left us).

I'm just about to undertake an ugly, dismount close to the shoreline to make sure I didn't damage my canoe. See there was this massive shore dump and the waves were lifting you up and driving you forward on them. I thought coming into the beach I had everything under control, but I didn't. The unknown factor of the ocean/nature just like our lives roll took me by total surprise.

Like the race start, I was as I said the most nervous I've ever been. I had to dig deep at the start, get into some type of rhythm and still didn't feel comfortable until I snapped back about half way through the first leg, to realise I was paddling like I used to. I was always rushed, pushing through the waves and currents and working hard all the time.

Just like our lives in flow, I learnt a new rhythm this year. - - - Feel the ocean, 'feel our lives',

  • go forth and challenge yourself, 'step outside your comfort zone',
  • Breath, feel light, adjust and settle, 'breath, be present, evaluate and flow'

The lessons of the ocean and while racing, teach me a lot about myself. When I need to breath, when I need to rest, when I need to push myself outside my comfort zone and then when you least expect it, expect something different.

And just like life, we have no control over anything that happens to us; we do have control over how we respond and what we want our lives to 'feel like'.

If you want to 'feel' like your life is a blessing, you are grateful for every lesson that is put in front of you, jump off the emotional rollercoaster and step up into the present, reach out (do it for yourself) and for once, put yourself FIRST!

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Much Love, Strength and don't forget to always

'dream out loud'

Confidence Life Coach ~ Fiona 🖤

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