Why we Self Sabotage?

“Why do I keep doing this?”

“How does this keep happening to me?”

You might ask yourself these questions when you feel trapped in patterns that create problems in your life and keep you from achieving your goals.

Although you try to make changes and disrupt these patterns, somehow you end up in the same place, again and again.

Self sabotage can come in many forms, from procrastination, indecisiveness, inaction, to people pleasing, over-apologizing, unhealthy boundaries, playing the victim or extensive things like alcohol dependancy and/or food addiction.

Self-sabotage erodes your self-confidence and self-esteem, and affects your relationships with others. With every failed attempt to do the thing you want, you "prove" to yourself that you can't or shouldn't do it.

The start is to work with someone to identify why you self sabotage and then progress into strategies to work through to your goals or outcomes.

It does take self commitment and a bit of work to change your habits, but once you start to progress in a new version of you; you'll look back and wonder why you even started to self sabotage.

'Dream out Loud' ~ Fiona

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"Inspire people & business to evolve and maximise their potential with tailored coaching plans."

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