Your world is spinning .....

When we come to this time of the year, I aways start to breath. Deep, slow, heart breathing. Conscious that we are in the back half of the year, and I have to even more so now, focus on my own practices of self care/self love to ensure that I don't get caught up on the rollercoaster of life.

What makes this time of year interesting ..... is that we go through it every year. We are 13 weeks out from Christmas/Festive Season. We go through it every year - the date doesn't change, but somehow everyone seems to spiral into their emotions and their world spins out of control.

For me this time of year is all about improving my SELF PRACTICE. Ensuring I keep meditating and flowing into the good energy. Making time for myself to eat well, sleep as I need to and continue my movement routine to get the most out of me.

I often wonder if, I didn't flow into becoming a Confidence Life Coach, how different my life would be. How I would be still running on the emotions, busy being busy and really not looking within to work on myself. Instead blaming the world for all the rubbish being thrown at me, instead of looking within and challenging myself with 'how can I become a better person, work on myself and give back to the world'.

While I write this, I'm already refocusing my attention on how I want to show up the last 13 weeks of this year and how I want to change my landscape in 2023.

It's more about the growth, experiences and learnings than worrying about what people think or act towards me.

Is it your time to step out of your spinning world and start on a new vision and version of you?

If you answered 'yes', here is my little sprinkle of sunshine to you. Jump onto my 15 min Discovery Call, book yourself an appointment (obligation free) and start putting your best foot forward. Here is the link to get into my diary

No excuses, commitment over convenience !

Much Love, Strength and don't forget to always

'dream out loud'

Confidence Life Coach ~ Fiona 🖤

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